Koikuchi and Marudai Set

$30.00 $20.10

Our Koikuchi and Marudai Set provides one bottle each of both styles of Shiso, traditional Koikuchi and whole soybean Marudai, at a discounted price. Comes in a white gift box and includes a personalized gift card. Includes two 100ml/3.4oz bottles.

Our traditional Koikuchi soy sauce is composed of water, salt and equal amounts of wheat and soy beans. It is fermented for two years instead of the standard six months of commercial, mass produced brands. The longer aging time imparts a fuller, richer flavor with more complex aromas. The longer fermentation also yields higher levels of glutamic acids, which provides the deep, rich flavor called “umami” which helps to make soy sauce so delicious.

Our Marudai Shiso soy sauce uses the same basic ingredients as traditional Shiso sauce, but is made with high quality whole soy beans which contain more soy oils and change the way the fermentation process evolves. The result is a more intense, deeper flavor.

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