Where quality meets tradition

Small-batch, craft soy sauce

Shiso is hand-crafted in a traditional soy sauce brewery in Japan, not a commercial production facility. And it shows – our soy sauces taste fresher, more complex, and with nuanced flavors you’ll never find in a bottle of commercial soy sauce.

A family tradition

Our soy sauce is crafted in a century-old, family owned brewery in the Shimane prefecture of Japan, using the same techniques that the family has used for six generations. The complex brewing process can last for up to three years, with each batch showing subtle nuances and differences in flavors. But the family’s mastery of the craft always results in a beautifully complex soy sauce.

Preserving the craft

Family owned soy sauce breweries in Japan are closing at an alarming rate, and when they close, centuries of tradition and knowledge are lost, along with the unique combination of microbes that gives each brewery’s soy sauce its distinct character. Buying small-batch soy sauce helps support this centuries-old tradition, and helps ensure that premium soy sauce never loses its way.

Always fresh, never mass-produced

Soy sauce, like many good condiments and seasonings, should be enjoyed fresh, not months old and sitting out in open containers. That’s why we package ours in small bottles, so you can finish it while it’s still at peak quality. Soy sauce won’t “go bad” like some foods, but you can be sure that the soy sauce that’s sitting out on restaurant tables for months will taste bitter and metallic, and all of the subtle aromas and flavors that should make your experience better will have disappeared.